Responsible Disposal of the Better Box

How to Responsibly Dispose the Better Box Collection

We are deeply committed to supporting you in responsibly disposing of all Better Earth packaging. In this video, we’ll walk you through how to properly dispose all materials included in your case of Better Box products.

Products in our Better Box Collection are packed in a cardboard box and, for your safety, sealed in a polypropylene plastic film. Be on the lookout for our refreshed case designs, which will feature white Better Earth branding on kraft packaging.  

Better Box Disposal (for end user)

  • You can compost Better Box products where they will break down into soil and the key nutrients our food needs to thrive.   
  • After removing the tamper-evident seal, you can just toss it in the trash. 

External Packaging Disposal (for foodservice establishment)

  • You can recycle the Cardboard Box that products in our Eco-Bamboo Collection are packed in wherever cardboard is accepted. Make sure the outer portion of the container is unsoiled and the inside is clean. 
  • To dispose of the cardboard box that our Better Box products are packed in, first make sure that the outer portion of the container is unsoiled and the inside is clean. Most facilities don’t require you to remove packing tape, but it can help speed up the recycling process. 
  • With our innerpack plastic film, recycle them wherever #5 plastic film is accepted. 

Watch the Better Box Collection Explainer Series

1. Introduction
2. Benefits & Features
3. Sizes, Shapes, and Applications
4. Assembly
5. Product Customization
6. Sustainability Profile
7. Responsible Disposal

Watch the full playlist on Youtube.


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