Can I put your products in the microwave/oven/freezer?

Our products are designed to simultaneously withstand a wide variety of temperatures and break down within 90 days in a commercial composter. However, they are not designed to bare the extreme temperatures found in microwaves, ovens and freezers.

We recommend heating up or freezing food-products in glassware whenever possible.  

  • Freezer: Our clamshell collections can go in the freezer but are not airtight. This means foods may be subject to freezer burn or reduced freshness. Our PLA products are also not recommended for the freezer and can become brittle when frozen.  
  • Microwave: Our Fiber Collection products are microwave safe for reheating–they are not designed for extremely high heat. We recommend testing our Fiber Collection products to confirm that they comply with your specific conditions.
  • Oven: While our hot cups, soup cups and some containers are designed to withstand high-temperatures, including boiling water, our product-line is not designed for the extreme high heat of the oven, which can cause them to warp, leak or even catch on fire.