Better Box Sustainability Profile

What makes the Better Box Collection sustainable?


Did you know that on average, we ingest a credit card’s weight in plastic
every week through our food and water?

This is due to microplastics. They are the tiny harmful bits that plastic breaks down into. They’re part of the bigger plastic pollution problem driven by single-use plastics that drives our company to develop innovative, plant-based alternatives.  

The Better Box Collection is a perfect example of that.  

It is fully compostable and is made up of bamboo and corn – both of which are deeply regenerative and renewable. For example, bamboo can grow up to 3 feet per day! It naturally requires no irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers and sequesters carbon dioxide.  

And unlike plastic, when you or your customer is done with your Better Box, it will break down into helpful organic matter to nourish our soils for future crops, when commercially composted. And even if you don’t yet have access to commercial composting in your area, by choosing the Better Box you are taking action against plastic pollution and microplastics. 

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