Better Box Sizes, Shapes, and Applications

What are the sizes, shapes, and recommended applications?

The Better Box Collection includes our Better Wedge and Better Boxes in sizes Small (otherwise known as #1), Medium #8, Large #3.  

Regarding application and performance, the products featured in this collection are best suited for cold foods like sandwiches and salads. The Better Box Collection’s temperature limit is 160 degrees Fahrenheit and is not recommended for the microwave.

Special thanks to:

  • Ted’s Butcher Shop for letting us film in their beautiful space.
  • Pare Baked Goods for their amazing Filipino ube and pandan pandesal!

Watch the Better Box Collection Explainer Series

1. Introduction
2. Benefits & Features
3. Sizes, Shapes, and Applications

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4. Assembly
5. Product Customization
6. Sustainability Profile
7. Responsible Disposal

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