Better Box Introduction

We’ll guide you through our plant-based and compostable Better Box Collection and show you exactly why it's better.

We exist to help foodservice professionals like you meet your sustainability goals through innovative packaging solutions, partnerships and services.

In our quick video & article series, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this product, including what it’s made from, assembly, benefits & features, recommended applications, customization options, sustainability profile, responsible packaging disposal, and how to request your sample kit.

You can view these videos in one go or access a singular topic at any time if you need a refresher or want to share specifics with a colleague or employee.   

Let’s jump in!


Special thanks to:

Ted’s Butcher Shop for letting us film in their beautiful space.

Watch the Better Box Collection Explainer Series

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2. Benefits & Features
3. Sizes, Shapes, and Applications
4. Assembly
5. Product Customization
6. Sustainability Profile
7. Responsible Disposal

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